• 01 May 2023

Activities Lauching

After many years of preparation, Cronos Airlines Benin, your regional airline is ready to start its flights, first from Cotonou to Abidjan and Niamey. This is all the more exciting news as it offers everyone the opportunity to travel in the sub-region in a safe environment with proven service as indicated by its motto: Security & Services It brings a wind of freshness in a very competitive sector through its expertise and its prices, we can't help but afford it.
Its tickets are now available at its agency located at Cadjehoun 1450 boulevard du Canada and on its website.
 You can also approach our Partners which are currently:
- Douniah Voyages (Bar Tito, located between Chateau d'eau and HECM, mehinto building)`
- Benin Destination (Canada Boulevard)